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Workshops & Presentations

2023. "Risk-Averse Revolutionaries: Engine No. 1 and the Limits of Purpose-Driven Investing," Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, MA.

2022. "The Long Shadow of Depoliticized Organizational Theory," Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Seattle, WA.

2022. "Meaning, Motivation, and the Problem of Manipluation," Annual Meeting of the Society of Business Ethics, Seattle, WA.

2019. “From Self-Interest to Inclusive Interests Management: Mapping-Ethical-Economic Trade-off Approaches,” Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Boston, MA.

2018. “Estranged Economics: Preserving Critique in New Economic Sociology,” Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Philadelphia, PA.

2017. “Making Your Work Matter to God: The Cultural Production of New Spirits of Capitalism in 20th Century American Evangelicalism.” American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

2017. "Managing for the Common Good." The Common Good as Common Project Conference, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN.

2016. “Economic Ethics and the Specter of Social Naturalism: Exploring Teleological and Moral Beliefs in the Economic Imaginaries of Reform Leaders.” Philosophy of Economics Working Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Budapest, Hungary.

2016. “The Purpose Industry: The Production of Workplace Callings in a Secular Age.” Association for the Sociology of Religion Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA.

Invited Talks & Public Lectures

2023. "Being Good Badly: How Business Ethics, ESG, and DEI Fell Captive to 'Doing Well to Do Good' Approaches and Why it Matters." Management and Global Business Faculty Seminar Series. Rutgers Business School. Newark, NJ. 

2023. "The Return of Corporate Paternalism: Authority and Consociational Sovereignty in Modern Work." Myth, Modernity, and the Sacred Conference. University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.

2023. "The Costs of Self-Rewarding Virtue: A Critical Assessment of the 'Business Case' for Socially Responsible Business." Midwest Ethics Symposium. Prindle Institute. Depauw University, Greencastle, IN.

2021. “The Protestant Ethic Today: Work, Meaning, and Moral Capitalism Among American Conservative Protestants.” Responsible Business Seminar, Northumbria University.

2020. "Making Monday Matter: American Evangelicalism and the Deprivatization of Economic Orientations in the 20th Century." Religion and Public Life Fellows Program, Rice University, Houston, TX.

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